Original Parts


Perfectly Fitting and Excellent Availability for Fast Replacement

Maintenance Parts


Opel Original Batteries are maintenance free – there’s no need to add water. They are designed for excellent cold start capabilities and are highly reliable on “short journey” profiles. Intelligent features include the “Magic Eye”, an integrated state-of-charge indicator, and the special lid construction that prevents acid spilling. The battery’s Ca/Ca grids are alloyed with precious metals for better charge acceptance and higher corrosion-resistance. The optimized grid geometrics also allow a better flow of electricity. Opel Original Batteries come with an extended three-year warranty. READ MORE SHOW LESS


Opel Original Flatblades are the latest in windscreen wiper technology. The bracketless “flat” construction with integrated spoilers and high contact pressure ensure perfect fit and performance. It minimizes wind noise, improves high speed comfort and also offer better winter performance due to not having central parts or joints which can freeze.

Made of full-synthetic rubber with smooth-glide coating, they are validated for each car model. Integrated spoilers and pre-mounted adapters make them easy to mount. For safety reasons Opel recommends you change the wiper blades at least once a year.



Opel Original Brake Discs are made for best brake performance and shortest stopping distances. They are designed for each specific model as Original equipment and tested for perfect fit and maximum durability. Our discs always have an Original equipment quality finish – smooth and reflective to reduce pad wear and noise. They are 100% protected against corrosion. Brake discs should always be replaced in pairs (axle sets). READ MORE SHOW LESS


Opel Original Brake Pads are designed for each specific vehicle as Original equipment and meet the highest performance specifications, with no compromise in quality or safety. Used together with Opel Original Brake Discs they guarantee a maximum durability. All components are approved by Opel Engineering, thus adhering to the latest GM specifications and guaranteeing excellent quality. Brake pads should always be replaced in pairs (axle sets). READ MORE SHOW LESS


Opel Original Carbon Combi Filters are designed to capture harmful gases, fine particles and unpleasant odours, preventing them from entering the vehicle cabin. For allergy and asthma sufferers, Opel Original Carbon Combi Filters are particularly beneficial. They increase the comfort of driver and passengers by allowing a constant supply of fresh air. Opel Original Carbon Combi Filters enhance driving security by preventing screen fogging and protecting the air conditioning and heating systems from dirt and subsequent wear. Opel recommends changing the Cabin Air Filter at least once a year. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Repair Parts


The pre-primed glass of Opel Original Windscreens guarantees a perfect fit. Because the windscreen is an important element in a car’s safety, our Original equipment windscreens are crash tested on the vehicles to ensure high passenger protection. READ MORE SHOW LESS


Opel Original Bumpers are quality parts manufactured to fit properly and help your vehicle retain its Original look. Imitation parts are reverse-engineered so additional holes may be drilled or the parts contorted to make them fit properly. This can cause mismatches in the vehicle's lines and reduce its resale value. Opel Original Bumpers are on-vehicle crash tested to ensure high passenger protection. READ MORE SHOW LESS


Damaged dim or burned-out lighting can create dangerous driving conditions – so make sure you enhance visibility for yourself and others with Opel Original Headlamps and bulbs. Keep your Opel vehicle illuminated for comfort, convenience and most importantly safety. Opel Original parts guaranty functionality and fit. READ MORE SHOW LESS


When smooth, efficient performance is critical, Opel Original Wheel Hubs and Bearings have the quality, reliability and performance you require – wherever you drive. Opel offers a cost effective repair with full range coverage, and perfect fit. Opel Original quality repair kits are available for most models’ wheel bearings. READ MORE SHOW LESS


Opel Original Radiators are reliable, lightweight, corrosion resistant and offer optimal heat transfer characteristics. Opel offers a full range for all vehicle applications. The radiator is the heart of a vehicle's cooling system. It transfers heat from the engine's coolant to the outside air while the radiator cap seals and pressurizes the cooling system. Original Opel Radiators ensure perfect fit, form and function. Opel Original parts are crash tested to ensure optimal passenger security. Don’t trust your vehicle to anything less than Opel quality! READ MORE SHOW LESS


High quality product with fit, form and function to ensure performance reliability and durability. The ride and handling system supports the vehicle’s weight, keeps the wheels in contact with the road and helps provide a comfortable ride for the passengers. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s suspension plays a major part in its handling characteristics, how it feels on the road and how it steers during an emergency. We recommend a visual inspection and chassis lubrication with every oil change as well as a thorough annual inspection of the suspension, as this also improves tire wear. READ MORE SHOW LESS