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It’s the Mokka

Pure driving pleasure


Turn heads
The new Mokka’s athletic, dynamic appearance is more than just a bold statement in pure progressive design. It’s an expression of a whole new German engineering philosophy and a confident vision of the head-turning future of Opel.  
Upgrade to the GS Line to add a new, sporty dimension of style to your Mokka with uniquely eye-catching visual accents.
Pure feast for the eyes
The thrilling lines of the Mokka's body are only the start of your journey into a new world of German design. Inside you’ll discover how the harmony of proportion, light, space and technology creates a truly remarkable driving experience. 
Brilliant details
From every angle Mokka looks exciting. Each line and feature, right down to the ultra-slim LED® tail lamps, has been engineered to combine dynamic form with ground-breaking function. 
Gripping looks
Mokka arrives with a flair and presence that immediately mark it out as being extraordinary and unlike anything else on the road. Get the edge and take its sportiness to the next level. 
Make a statement in style. Explore the exclusive design elements and multiple customisation options that enhance every aspect of Mokka's appearance. 
Beautifully framed
Mokka’s unmistakably original visual identity flows across its body, integrating pure form and bold function. The design is purposeful and perfectly proportioned, from the Opel Vizor at the front to the ‘floating roof’ architecture that flows in a single clean gesture to frame the side windows. 

Make your Mokka as bright and lively on the outside as you dare, with the side window trim being available in the signature colour options of red, silver and black1.


1 Red and silver available at launch, black as of Spring 2021.

Safety & innovations

LED® matrix headlights
The adaptive permanent glare-free IntelliLux LED® Matrix Lights provide excellent visibility in every situation, allowing you to drive with the comfort and clarity of powerful high beams without dazzling other drivers.  
Digital Cluster
The sophistication and simplicity of Mokka is crystal clear in the Opel Pure Panel. Cleanly streamlined, the customisable 12“ Driver Instrument Cluster gives you all the information you need without clutter or interference. Visually distracting elements are eliminated, leaving only seamless digital control. 
180° Panorama Rear View Camera
A panoramic camera gives you a 180° augmented rear view that detects and highlights nearby objects and lets you see traffic coming from the sides of the vehicle - particularly useful when reversing into traffic. 
Rear Park Assistant
Make perfect parking look easy. Mokka’s Advanced Park Assist1 controls the steering wheel to guide you into spaces, while you simply take care of the brake and accelerator. The system will help find a spot by telling you if a space is big enough, and even guides the vehicle back out into the street afterwards. 

Premium comfort

Mokka’s spacious cabin and ingenious features mean you’re ready for wherever the road takes you, whether that’s with a large load or the whole family plus luggage.  
The rear seats can be folded down in a ratio of 40:60 to significantly increases the cargo space and give flexible load-through options.


Opel’s state-of-the-art touchscreen navigation systems guide you on the best route, complete with real-time traffic updates.  
1 Live Navigation Services include Online Traffic, Fuel Prices, Parking Information, Online POI Search, Online POI Search for Charging Stations, Weather and Road Safety Alerts (Not available in Germany or Switzerland).
Mokka is the place to be, with full Apple CarPlayTM 1 and Android AutoTM 2, 3 compatibility, native Bluetooth® streaming4, multiple USB ports, and a six-speaker sound system for rich, immersive music on the go. 

1 Apple CarPlay™ and Apple Siri™ are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

2 Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

3 Compatibility and certain functionalities may differ depending on type of device and version of operating system. To check the compatibility of your device, go to, or, or contact your Opel retailer.

4 Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. 

Wireless charging
To keep your Mokka a spacious and uncluttered oasis of digital detox, you can charge compatible devices using the integrated wireless charger1. Inbuilt rapid-movement detection failsafe prevents wireless overload damage to your device's battery when driving over bumpy surfaces. 

1 Optional. May require an accessory for the smartphone. Inductive charging only with PMA or Qi compatible smartphones. To check compatibility, contact your Opel retailer.

Driving dynamics

Mokka is the bold expression of Opel’s pure new design language. But it does a lot more than just talk about it. Mokka is all about action not words, and it’s got the high-efficiency powertrains and exceptional handling to make it happen. 
Opel’s dynamic 1.2 Direct Injection Turbo petrol engine delivers up to 130 hp, while the advanced 1.5 diesel powertrain has a lively 110 hp. Standard on both: superb fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.
Transmission & drive modes
Explore a range of transmissions and performance-enhancing technology to perfectly complement your needs and driving style. Mokka comes with cutting-edge 8-speed automatic gearbox options. 
Feel the connection with the road by engaging the sporty shift paddles to manually control gear changes whenever needed – or simply when the mood takes you. Even with the 8-speed automatic, Mokka is about giving drivers more options not less. A simple press of the drive mode switch alters the car's performance profile: Sport for ultimate dynamism, Eco for maximum fuel economy, and Normal for balanced everyday driving.
Performance technology
Just by looking at the Mokka's beautiful proportions, you can tell its makers understood that just being powerful isn’t enough. You have to know precisely where and how to use it. This is absolutely true for Mokka's performance - by implementing smart features and advanced technology, everyone can enjoy the power with complete control.