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It’s for your protection 

With all of the economic challenges today one of the most important things any vehicle owner can do is to make sure their insurance policy is up to date.  Changes in the value of your vehicle need to be aligned with the value that your insurance company has your vehicle insured for.  By contacting your insurance company and having your policy updated to the current value of your vehicle you will enjoy worry free driving knowing your valuable asset is protected.  No one ever plans for an accident or damage and having peace of mind that the policy you are the owner of gives you coverage at today’s current prices.   For most customers when your policy renews it will be updated with the latest vehicle values and your payments will be current but in the interim you as the vehicle owner should be proactive in arranging this with your insurance company.   


How to update your policy

Updating or renewing your insurance policy is very easy.   Simply call your insurance company and ask to have an agent update your vehicles value to assure proper value coverage.

By doing this your policy premiums will increase however in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs your policy will cover your vehicle to the current value of the today’s prices.  Of course, not every policy is the same and it is in your best interest to make sure you fully understand what type of coverage is on your vehicle and any conditions that apply.


Still not sure?

If you are still unsure of how to update, renew, or even change your policy you can always call us at 16424 or stop into any of our Body and Paint locations and we will be happy to help and give any guidance that may be needed.