The OPEL Meriva.

Don’t follow – forge ahead.

The Opel Meriva is where space meets flexibility. It’s the family car that brings style to practicality.


See what makes it so outstanding:

• Stylish, impressive design

• Generous, class leading comfort

• Comprehensive, convincing safety features

• Exceptionally efficient power options

• Universal everyday practicality


Ergonomics is comfort that fits you

Ergonomics is about you. So think of the strain you can save your back with the easy entry through the FlexDoors , the high seating position with optimal view, or the FlexSpace seating system. The German AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) did just that, and then gave its valuable certification to the whole car.


In tune with tomorrow

Connectivity makes the difference between knowing and guessing. The Opel Meriva puts you firmly in touch with reality, with features such as AUX-in connectivity and, USB connection so your favorite audio lists can become an integral part of the driving experience.


Stand out and be recognized

Eye catching but practical, small but spacious, the stylish Opel Meriva fits to modern lifestyles. Easy to get in and out of, a comfortable place to sit and see the world and superbly flexible and convenient, it represents design at its finest.


Give yourself space

Step into the feel-good factor. The Opel Meriva brings class-leading comfort to life. With appealing tactile materials, vibrant colors, exceptional storage features and in-depth quality even at base level. The allround comfort is remarkable.


Safer all over

With passive safety features including active front headrests, dual pre-tensioned front seatbelts and all-round airbag protection the Opel Meriva takes great care of everyone inside. With active Maximum systems that include Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program Plus (ESP), it minimizes the chances that you will ever need to find out how good they are. The Opel Meriva. Safer all over.


The maximum Euro NCAP 5-star rating tells you how safe the Opel Meriva is. What it can’t tell about are the really special and unique features, such as the child safety zone when the doors are opened, the rear seat child safety belt and much more.


Miniature costs – maximum performance

With the Opel Meriva downsizing doesn’t mean depowering. Opel technology squeezes the last ounce of power out of the smallest drop of fuel. The engine model is Euro 6 complied, has turbo and ecotec features, and has an automatic 6-speed transmission.

Next Steps
Next Steps

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