Opel Meriva - Infotainment

Smart connectivity.

Why shouldn’t your car be as well connected as your smartphone? The Opel Meriva makes it possible, and it does it simply and enjoyably. Great sound, clear graphics and intuitive operation all add up to some very special packages.


Aux-in and USB

You want your own music or sounds? No problem. The aux-in and USB is mounted right where you need it in the centre console. Instant connection of any mobile device with a headphone jackplug or USB to the Infotainment system is as simple as that!


More infotainment & navigation

Even at the entry level, all of the infotainment systems of the Opel Meriva deliver great sound: from the basic system in the Enjoy category with 4 speakers, to Enjoy plus with 6 speakers and steering wheel radio controls.