Opel Meriva - Ergonomics

Ergonomics is all about you.

The AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.), is a German medical association that has set orthopedic requirements for car seats. They were so impressed by the Opel Meriva that they gave their prestigious certification to the whole car. In fact from the simplicity and convenience of the portal doors, through the ease and lightness of rearranging the interior, everything about the Opel Meriva has been optimized for your well-being.


FlexDoors® system

Getting in and out is easy. Rearranging the seating takes a few seconds. The genius of the Opel Meriva lies in the way it welcomes you in and sets about making every journey feel better. Just take the FlexDoors® as an example.


For example the 84° opening rear doors make fitting child seats, and securing or releasing children from them very much easier. Also there is no door between front and rear seats, enabling quicker and better parental control.


Other advantages include:

  • Getting in or out of the rear seats takes place where the roof is at its highest point, making it much more comfortable.
  • The 84º opening angle of the rear doors enables a natural and ergonomic body motion during entry and exit that is further aided by the large handle on the B pillar.
  • In tight parking spaces entry is easier, since no contortions around the half open door are needed.
  • Four opening stages mean that opening the doors in tight spaces is better controlled.
  • The FlexDoors® system eases loading and unloading, for instance while shopping or carrying more unusual loads.
  • A light mounted in the lower B pillar illuminates the ground beside the car, adding yet another convenient safety feature.
  •  Finally the FlexDoors® system makes access to the FlexSpace® easier, making it even more simple to reconfigure the interior


Then there are the advantages over sliding rear doors. One of the most obvious is that sliding doors restrict the rear axle width, eventually affecting the handling characteristics. Another is that actually sliding the doors involves moving the whole weight of the door, a real liability when opening or closing them against the gradient when you’re parked on a hill.


FlexSpace® seating system

If you value spontaneity, you’ll appreciate FlexSpace®. The Opel Meriva is as spontaneous as you. It’s good to know that you’ll always be able to arrange the interior to manage whatever you have planned. What if plans change? No problem. Whether you need seats for up to five passengers or space for bulky items, the Opel Meriva can handle it all without ever having to remove a single seat.



  • Outer rear seats can be slid backwards and inwards in one single operation to create luxurious leg and shoulder room in 4-seater configuration
  • One touch folding from cabin and luggage compartment
  • No need to take off headrests
  • Flat load floor for up to 1,500 l stowage room