Opel Meriva - Relaxing Comfort

Step inside, enjoy the ride.

Even at its most basic the Opel Meriva is a refined and comfortable family car. But if you prefer you can add more. Choose from a full catalogue of standard and optional comfort equipment that let’s you enjoy your car the way you want it.


FlexRail® storage system

FlexRail® is a unique modular storage system that provides generous, flexible storage space between the front seats without compromising legroom on the middle rear seat. You can arrange and re-arrange the components like armrest and cupholders on aluminum rails to provide tailor-made stowage for each and every journey. A special adapter with integrated cupholder allows to mount the armrest also on the back of the forward folded rear middle seat.


  • Optimal position of armrest and cupholders with all seat positions
  • Large, flexible stowage, big enough for handbags, notebooks, etc.
  • Easy access for all passengers



Panorama sunroof

Let the sunshine in. The panorama sunroof extends over both seat rows, making the whole interior light and airy. And when there is too much sun it has an electric sunshade to keep you cool.


Electric parking brake

The standard switch-operated electric parking brake offers both increased parking comfort and security and decreased driver effort. It prevents the car from rolling back when moving off on a slope and is automatically released when the car drives off.


If necessary, it can also be applied like a conventional manual parking brake when the car is moving to provide ABS-controlled deceleration.

Hill Start Asisst

The Hill Start Assist holds the car still when you move off on a hill, automatically releasing the electric parking brake once you are safely under way. The result is 100 percent failure free hill starts without any effort at all.

Rear Parking Sensors

Operated while parking with a push of a button. The rear parking sensors system gives the driver a warning of any rear potential parking hazards.



In the Opel Meriva ergonomic is not just about sitting comfortably and every control to hand. It extends to the storage and stowage. You’ll find open and covered storage in the most convenient places together with the unique FlexRail® centre console system. In all there are up to 32 dedicated storage and stowage possibilities. That means keeping everything in its place has suddenly become very much easier.


FlexFloor® load compartment

The luggage compartment is designed to make life easier for you. The load compartment floor can be located at two different heights. The higher position provides a flat load surface at the same height as the flat-folded rear seats, and hidden storage beneath the floor. The lower position makes room for taller loads.


Other features include:

  • Closed storage in sidewall for first aid kit etc.
  • Holder for warning triangle
  • Retractable hook for bags and fixation of load floor in open position
  • 4 load lashing eyes