Opel Insignia

German engineering, supreme comfort, exceptional design, outstanding performance and of course innovative technology and connectivity ensure that the Opel Insignia is the car of the future.



The high-tech sedan car.

Stylish, sleek, technically and technologically advanced, the Opel Insignia takes the momentum that powered it to class domination and refines it even more. A whole new way of interfacing with your car is ready and waiting for you. Get into a new brilliance, it’s waiting for you in the Insignia.


The Opel Insignia Sedan sets you apart with its groundbreaking design.


  • Cutting edge design
  • Cosseting comfort
  • Comprehensive driver assistance
  • Advanced human machine interface
  • Impressive driving dynamics
  • Superior safety levels


Inspiring, stimulating and refined

The Opel Insignia redefined a whole class. The Insignia further refines the fine proportions and timeless lines. But now there is a new clarity and quality, take a moment to appreciate it.


Comfort that works with you

Sweeping curves, with superb ergonomics that bring everything easily to hand or eye set you comfortably at ease. Premium quality materials, exceptional storage and in-depth comfort begin to deliver the full picture.


Sure footed and secure

Control is vital, whenever and wherever an emergency arises the Insignia can be ready to carry you through it. Discover technology that protects, increases comfort and boosts dynamism.


Redefining dynamic driving

Dynamically the Insignia challenges way above its class. Exceptional handling and new powerful engines combine to an impressive driving experience.


Safer, surer and even more secure

The Insignia redefined both active and passive safety for the whole class. The Insignia builds upon this tradition with highest standards.


Information made for you

Advanced technology that works with and for you, clearly displayed, easy to access and use, the Opel Insignia features a perfect Human Machine Interface (HMI) that gives you detailed information
and intuitive control.



Available models

  • Opel Insignia Elegance
  • Opel Insignia Highline
  • Opel Insignia Topline

These are the only 3 models