Opel Mokka - Design


From the purposeful front, through the dramatic profile to the rounded rear style, the Opel Mokka brings sporting charisma into line with practical reality.


Exterior design

The Opel Mokka packs all the rugged style of a full sized SUV. From the front the attraction is immediate.
Everything has a purpose, even the pleasing and well-rounded shape of the generously sized exterior mirrors. Yet
the look is anything but functional.

The silhouette of the Opel Mokka conveys just as much impact as the purposeful and broad stance. You could
think of it as a rounded, sporting wedge. The lines of the upswept waist are muscular and athletic, without being
aggressive. The short overhangs and rounded wheel arches underline the go anywhere nature. It is a car that
makes you feel at home and at ease anywhere - because it is itself.

The clean rounded rear design complements the sculpted sides. The lines of the waist flow effortlessly into clean,
elegant rear lights and the lower contours round effortlessly into the sculpted rear bumpers. It looks clean,
aerodynamic and businesslike, because it is.

Aerodynamic efficiency is also responsible for the stylish front lower air dam and the aero-friendly radiator grille
optimizes the airflow in the engine compartment. Below the car there are air deflectors in front of the rear wheels
and aero blades behind them. These complement the rear spoiler and clear rounded rear styling in cleaning up the
airflow. The Cx factor of just 0.360, is much better than the class average and a major contribution to the
economy and stability of the Opel Mokka.


Interior design

Inside the Opel Mokka you’ll find quality and comfort. Airy and welcoming space, high-mounted supportive seats, comfortably placed controls and the premium feel of the trim all add to this feeling of roominess. Good to touch Atlantis trim or leather Morrocana trim materials, smooth metallic detailing and chrome instrument rings put the accent firmly on classic.


The way in which the dashboard sweeps around into the doors with the Opel specific “wing” styling maximizes the feel and allocation of space and looks great. The instruments and screens are clear, well sized, optimally placed and easy to read. The door handles and controls, even the generously sized air vents, have a durable, high quality look and feel. The whole ambience is ready for adventure.


The detail refinement, supportive comfort and high quality of the cockpit naturally extends right through the Opel Mokka. If your rear seat passengers are small children you’ll appreciate the high and wide opening doors that ease fitting child seats, and then fitting children into them. If they are older, or adults, the comfort of the seats, convenient storage and ease of entry are designed to make every journey more enjoyable. Then, when you need more space the 60/40 seats are easily flipped and folded to provide it. The design emphasis is firmly upon you, your needs and your lifestyle.


Campaign model

Equipped with all the comfort and functionality of the Mokka models come with the great looks of the impressive 18˝ alloys in 10-spoke design and the luxurious texture and feel of the leather Morrocana seats.