Opel Mokka - Comfort and Infotainment


When it comes to comfort the Opel philosophy is simple. You can never have enough of it. This includes great sounds and universal connectivity, but also other aspects of well being, for instance keeping you sitting well and refreshingly cooled.


Stay fresh

Sensor controlled Electronic Climate Control is dual zone and fully automatic. The driver and front passenger just set their ideal temperature and the ECC holds it, whatever the weather outside.


Warm hands, warm heart

Just how good a heated steering wheel feels on cold starts is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Think about it next time your fingers contact a cold steering wheel, then imagine the difference.


Let the sunshine in

If you want fresh air and sunshine to be an everyday part of your Mokka experience, the electric sunroof delivers it with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.


Fresher sounds

The CD 450 has a double tuner for optimal Traffic Message Channel (TMC) functionality. 4 x 20 W, 6 premium speakers and the Graphic Info Display to control the settings of the integrated Dynamic Sound processor.Bluetooth Aux-in&USB for external audio devices.


Listen and look

The CD 600 IntelliLink comes with a 7˝ high-resolution color display and can show individual pictures uploaded via USB. The CD 600 with IntelliLink technology includes audio streaming via Bluetooth.