Opel Cascada - Comfort


When it comes to comfort details do make the difference. Inside the Opel Cascada the levels of comfort and convenience don’t just look impressive, they work for and with you. From the ventilated seats to state of the art navigation, sound and connectivity, go ahead create your own perfect ambience and environment.

New Opel Cascada - Seatbelt presenter

Seatbelt presenter

The long doors of the Opel Cascada make getting in and out especially easy for rear seat passengers, but mean that you may have to stretch to reach the seatbelts. That’s why the Opel Cascada offers and electric powered seatbelt presenter that simply slides forwards, carrying the belt buckle conveniently and comfortably to your hand.


It’s mounted at shoulder level behind the doors and the process is fully automatic. Closing the door and turning on the ignition activates it. Once the seatbelt has been fastened the presenter automatically retreats into its housing.

New Opel Cascada - Electric Easy Entry

Electric Easy Entry

Another high-class feature is the powered Easy Entry system to the rear seats. Micro switch activated, there is no button to press or catch to release. Just moving the seatback forward starts operation. The seat then slides forward at twice the normal adjustment speed, and just as effectively returns to the original position when the seatback is moved rearwards.


Ventilated power ergonomic sports seats

Medically certified multi-adjustable ergonomic sports seats offering the perfect mixture of sport and support fit perfectly to the nature of the Opel Cascada.


The power AGR ergonomic sports seats, in leather with 8-way pneumatic lumbar adjustment, just has to be experienced to be appreciated.


Adding power and leather to these seats ups the level of convenience. Choosing 3-speed seat ventilation in combination with leather is to opt for exceptional luxury – especially in hot or sticky weather. The switch is right there on the seat frame, the cooling comfort builds up in no time at all.

New Opel Cascada - Climatization options

Climatization options

Direct or indirect sunlight can make leather uncomfortably hot. So fine leather with heat reflective option that lowers the heat build up is definitely good news. It’s available for the Opel Cascada with black leather, and can lower the surface temperature by up to 30 degrees in direct or indirect sunlight.


Electronic Climate Control lets both front passengers to choose and set their individual ideal temperature. Then sensors control it to remain exactly as chosen.