Opel Astra notchback - Driving Dynamics


Are you feeling sporty or just want to cruise? The touch of a button changes the whole driving dynamics to taut sporting excitement or relaxed long-distance travelling with uncompromised safety and stability.


A perfect platform

Superb ride comfort, driving dynamics, and steering response, with reduced noise and vibrations are the main benefits gained from the Opel Astra chassis. The high torsional stiffness of the Opel Astra body provides optimum preconditions for excellent handling precision, ride comfort and extremely low levels of noise and vibration.

The broad stance ensures high stability in curves, the long wheelbase a smooth ride even on bumpy roads.


Watt’s link rear suspension

The unique rear suspension of the Opel Astra is a compound crank axle with Watt’s linkage. While the principle of Watt’s linkage has been known for over 200 years, more recently it has been used mostly in race cars. In effect the principle is straightforward.

A steel crossmember just behind the wheel centre line carries the two struts of the linkage. These are pivoted in the middle and the ends attached to the lower wheel carriers. The result is that any lateral impact on one side is immediately compensated by an equal amount of force on the other side, increasing stability. The major benefit of this compact system effectively prevents any lateral movement of the axle, providing a smoother ride and improved handling.

Watt’s link is standard on selected engines and trims and in combination with certain options e.g. FlexRide and electric parking brake.